Buyers guide to SaaS embedded analytics & business intelligence
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Rapid and secure embedded analytics

Built for SaaS

Embed in your product. Embed in your customers. Embed in your team.

Expand ARR and accelerate your product roadmap with engaging, secure, embedded analytics specifically designed for SaaS.
Multi-tenanted and secure
DevOps/API controls
White Label CSS Styling
Self-service dashboards
Scheduled reporting & alerts
Predictive data insights
No development - low code
Simple unit-based pricing
Hybrid deployment options

Embedded analytics in less than 30-days

With no code required, Panintelligence's embedded analytics software allows you to access data insights without long development cycles and costly DevOps resources



Embedded business analytics solutions for the changing world of Fintech

Fintech is a data-intensive sector that is innovating rapidly. Panintelligence grew from UK Fintech, with insurance, payments, lending, and fraud customers. We deeply understand how essential secure and timely data insights are to the ever-changing financial market.
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Maximize efficiency in educational reporting with in-app insights

Data in educational establishments is often spread between multiple departments and systems. Panintelligence is deployed globally across tens of thousands of education providers to bring together LMS, MIS, student records, assessment data, and more for complete information consolidation.
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Turn data into actionable insights to influence the buyer experience

Innovation in retail has been rapid and created many new SaaS businesses. Data is at the heart of retail innovation. Panintelligence enables POS, Footfall, and Ecommerce players to rapidly increase market share and adapt to change.
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Extensive, critical, and sensitive healthcare data, simplified

Healthcare data is vast, spanning many touch points such as health records, patient apps, quality systems, compliance, and staffing. There is a need for the Healthtech industry to turn its constant data streams into quick, actionable insights to improve the patient experience.
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What our customers think


"Our algorithms can transform in-store smart cameras into powerful ‘internet of things’ devices that recognise the world they are sensing and, in this case, enable customers to shop in safety without the need for a member of staff to monitor the number of people in store."

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Document Logistix

"Ultimately, Panintelligence gets the end users to spend more time in our product because that's the way they access all of their reporting. So it’s great for our business as it brings people more into our technology suite."

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"With Panintelligence, we’re able to do things that we might have had to wait another two years to do in our own product because of resource and cost. It’s all really exciting."

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"We have a roadmap of an additional five products we want to launch over the next five years. Each one will have Panintelligence’s pi embedded tool."

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Flexible Working App FLEC

"Once the data connections are built in, the Panintelligence embedded reporting tool allows all users to easily slice and dice the data according to what they need to know."

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The ai Corporation

"Through Panintelligence, we now have access to data that we can interact with to give us insights we’ve never had. We can filter data, break it down, and look at it in different ways that we’ve never been able to do before."

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"Panintelligence’s expertise and support with rapidly integrating the software meant they have become like an extension of our own development team during the lockdown."

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Winn Solicitors

"Having the ability to send reports via Panintelligence is allowing us to remove existing reports from other products. By moving them into Panintelligence it keeps all of our data uniformed and in one place."

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White Label Loyalty

"We can now make decisions based on live data thanks to Panintelligence. It’s provided us with a solution that helps our clients understand their customers’ behaviour on a more granular level."

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Embedded analytics and Business Intelligence insights

Read insights into the ever-changing world of embedded analytics and Business Intelligence and keep abreast of changes in your industry.

The buyers guide to SaaS embedded analytics & business intelligence

SaaS vendors see embedding analytics into their applications as one of the main priorities on their roadmap.
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SaaS leaders guide to embedded analytics

Embedded analytics can help SaaS vendors achieve their growth strategy and achieve a competitive edge.
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Security considerations when embedding third-party applications into your SaaS environment

When it comes to embedding third-party applications, security becomes paramount.
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Discover the benefits of rapid and secure embedded analytics

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panintelligence is a leader in Europe Embedded Business Intelligence on G2
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panintelligence is a leader in Analytics Platforms on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Europe Analytics Platforms on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Mid-Market Embedded Business Intelligence on G2
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