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Test Manager

Curiosity has always been my starting point and I have been fortunate enough to delve into all of my passions. Originally coming from an artistic background I have traveled through the spectrum, diving into creative design, business intelligence, computing, network security, and forensic analysis.

Having focused on topics like cryptography and crime investigation I have developed a keen eye for fine detail. I love analysing data, making me feel at home with Panintelligence.

In the office I’m the Test Manager. I specialise in designing, building, testing, and deploying effective test automation solutions.

Outside work you will either find me immersed at the gym, playing football or out enjoying the day with family and friends.

I spend a lot of my recreational time keeping fit and socialising with family and friends. I’m very fortunate to have a lot of my family live nearby me, so there’s always someone to meet and something to do.

5-a-side football

I’m an avid football fan and regularly take part in 5-a-side matches too. I usually play twice a week. I love the competition, pace, and tempo of playing on a smaller pitch, it’s non-stop action!


I’m also a regular at the gym. You could call me a bit of a health geek. I try to stay healthy with my diet but I love my fast food too, it’s a bit of a conundrum – the keyword here is try.


Religion is a very big part of my life too. I think I’m quite a spiritual person; I regularly pray and reflect, which helps me appreciate the finer things in life and wind down and stay positive through hardships. I recently went to Saudi Arabia to complete my pilgrimage. It was an amazing experience. Whilst out there I took part in mountain climbing in temperatures over 35 degrees. It was probably the highlight of the trip being the most difficult feat I have ever accomplished.