2021 - The Year of Zoom/MS Teams

Charlotte Bailey
Well, where do I start! I always seem to say that it doesn’t seem like a year ago that I sat down to write the previous year’s ‘Christmas Newsletter’. While this is true again, what a year we have had since my last update.

Before you finish work, close those laptops and sign out of Zoom/MS Teams, we are excited to share with you a few of our 2021 achievements, as well as some plans for 2022.

Although 2021 hasn’t turned out quite like anyone expected, I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved – in both the UK and internationally.

Our Panintelligence team has been exceptional as ever: they have certainly gone above and beyond the call of duty this year to make sure we could continually deliver value and a personalised service to our customers- for that we are truly grateful.

During 2021 Panintelligence has grown and I’m excited to introduce you to all the new members of staff that joined the Panintelligence family throughout this year!

New Starters 2021

  • New Business: Paddy Tyrer, Kieron Greeff, Elliott Pollen and Andrew Durkin
  • Marketing: Deana Aldridge
  • Delivery: Leah Woodhead, Greta Matulionyte, Hayley Goodman, Vincent Holmes and Samual Dick  
  • Consultancy: Dean Shaw, Adam Rivett
  • Customer Success: Kelvin Phillips and Zach Quinn-Lomax
  • Support: Damien Longstaff


We haven’t just welcomed new staff at Panintelligence, but also a host of new partners this year: 

2021 Partners

  • Reconnect – Probation or parole app-based tool for participants to check in with a selfie
  • FLEC - Recruitment company changing the way they recruit, book staff and report internally and externally
  • Velocity Worldwide - Personalization and insight technology that drives more visits, engages customers and grows retail sales
  • Cenote – Student engagement platform  
  • Expansive – Facilities management, compliance and service delivery software  
  • Colateral.io - brings instore marketing online 
  • Perfect Ward health and quality inspection solution that makes quality inspections quicker, easier and more effective.  
  • Mutual Vision  Digital platform provider of choice for the Building Society and small bank sector.  
  • Wolfenden – Digital agency 
  • Performance.io - Performance marketing agency  
  • Compleat Software – Accounts payable software  
  • Iken – Case and knowledge management solutions  
  • ValidSoft – Multi-factor authentication solutions and voice biometrics provider  
  • TAAP - TAAP is an Enterprise Applications Platform 


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our partners for your continued support of our business – it is very much appreciated and acknowledged. 

Our product and services have seen so many improvements in 2021 that they’re almost unrecognisable from the versions that we were shouting about this time last year. 

2021 Highlights 

  • We wanted to empower you to take full advantage of every aspect of our software, as that’s how you’ll get the best results. That's why we expanded our training resources and Knowledge bank into a comprehensive learning environment for new and existing Panintelligence users. 
  • The product itself received a number of new features: 
    • Rich Text Editing - you don’t have to write more HTML on your reports! 
    • piET/Licence Manager - easy dashboard auditing and... you never have to manually replace a licence file again!  
    • 8 new chart types including the long-awaited merged charts and merged tables as well as custom maps 
    • 3 new data connection types – Firebolt, BigQuery and Single Store 
    • 2 new chart and report export types – Word & Powerpoint 
    • Improved deployment options – better Windows and Linux services and consistency for container configuration 
    • Additional integration options when embedding – allow your app to affect the embedded Pi 
    • HyperSQL - gone (Well, it's about time) 


Coming in 2022 

There are so many exciting things happening at Panintelligence in 2022 – too many to include in one newsletter!  

2022 Highlights 

  • More data connection types – Athena, SQream, and more! 
  • More embedding options 
  • Organisations (a.k.a. better tenanting). This will allow for:
    • Reduced costs by sharing one dashboard deployment 
    • Improve themes across multiple tenants (including login screens) 
    • Much better admin-level control and segregation 
    • (For all the CFOs) Infrastructure cost reduction by allowing customers to share the same instance 
  • Table formulas for all the excel nerds out there 
  • File uploading (images, fonts, excel sheets) 
  • Dashboard stability 
  • And we’ve all got to pay our (technical) debt, so we’re bringing much of the outdated frameworks to 2022. This will let us do things like: 
    • Update client-side information in real-time when it changes (no not charts... yet?) - see when someone else is editing a report or a chart, someone created a new category? *pop* it’s in your screen now. 
    • Improve dashboard performance 
  • pi Saas - we’re thrilled to announce that we have been working closely with Amazon Web Services to launch Pi SaaS, our very own hosted software, in Q2 of next year.  

Of course, we will continue to listen to understand your requirements and help you get the most out of pi. There will be plenty of opportunities for us to collaborate and for you to get involved, including regular catchups with your Customer Success Manager and planned technical health checks.  

We are also beyond excited to launch Pioneers, our new customer community where you can come together both online and in person to get the most out of your pi solution and help shape the Pi RoadmapWe’d love you to be part of it - you will be hearing more from us about ‘pioneers 2022’ in the New Year…..  

All that's left for me to say on behalf of all of the Panintelligence team is a big thank you to all of you who have been amazing champions of Panintelligence, who have never failed to help us improve and serve our users better, we hope to be able to thank you in person in the very near future! 

As we embark on 2022, I wish you and yours’ a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you all! 

Here’s to great things in 2022! 


"Although 2021 hasn’t turned out quite like anyone expected, I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved in 2021 – in both the UK and internationally.  
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panintelligence is a leader in Europe Embedded Business Intelligence on G2
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panintelligence is a leader in Analytics Platforms on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Europe Analytics Platforms on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Mid-Market Embedded Business Intelligence on G2
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