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Goodbye Chartio; Hello Pi | Embedded Analytics Replacement For Chartio

Ken Miller Chief Technology Officer
Publish date: 2nd March 2021

The news that cloud-based analytics platform Chartio has been acquired by Atlassian has resulted in the announcement that the product will be shut down on March the 1st 2022.

We are excited to hear that the Chartio team will be joining our friends over at Atlassian but now this leaves thousands of companies who are using Chartio’s software with less than 12 months to find, convert and roll out a new embedded business intelligence tool.

Goodbye Chartio; Hello Panintelligence

We're here to say don't panic folks (we've all had quite enough of that lately). If you're looking for a Chartio replacement, Panintelligence is a fully embeddable analytics solution that offers a simple and quick migration path away from Chartio.

At Panintelligence we are on a mission to democratise data, opening up the value of insight to everyone no matter what area of the business you work in, ensuring our customers can access what they need in real time, and easily build and share insights across the whole company.

We support our customers throughout their journey with resources, pricing and consultancy services designed for everyone from start-ups to enterprise solutions with our market-leading 3 in 1 embedded analytics platform.

Within hours we can have your charts and tables recreated, branded and embedded within your applications. What's more, you can make the change more palatable to your customers by offering integrated scheduled reports, and machine learning to enable predictive insights.

Business Intelligence dashboard - PI

You don't need to lose any functionality - check out the Panintelligence documentation here and see for yourself. Contact us today for a free demo of our embedded analytics tools and we'll show you just how easily we can fix this for you.

Why move to Panintelligence? Chartio Vs Panintelligence Comparison

Real-time data

When you connect to your data in Chartio, Chartio queries that data source directly to return the results; therefore, your charts’ results reflect real-time data as soon as the charts are set to update. Very few BI tools work in this way. Panintelligence does. In fact we can even cache queries just as you do in Chartio.

Built for Embedding

Panintelligence is partner-focused and is built for embedding.

Controls and Variables

You can control Panintelligence in the same way as you have always controlled Chartio. Variables can control the Dashboard, users and also dates as you do in Chartio. Panintelligence extends this functionality - you can control everything!

Drill down Controls

In Panintelligence you can drill, slice, dice and more. Drill between data connections, drill based on rules, drill out to your own application. Panintelligence also allows you to send alerts and build charts without SQL knowledge and much more.

So - don't fret that Chartio is leaving you; Panintelligence can make your BI migration fast and smooth. Book your free demo today.

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Ken Miller, Chief Technology Officer Ken has worked in Software Development and complex data systems for over 25 years. Troubled by the complexity and lack of security in Business Intelligence tools, he and his team (with some help!) started writing their own. Seventeen years on (and still going), they have been joined by a team of passionate techies who have shared the vision and managed to deliver what they could never have done alone. Ken admits he may be a one-trick pony, but he loves data passionately; where others see problems, he sees his next challenge. Bringing structure and meaning to a world of increasing complexity is his hobby – except on the weekend when he enjoys surfing on a beautiful beach in the glorious north east of England.View all posts by Ken Miller
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