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Panintelligence BI Tools Roadmap 2021: what we’re building

Publish date: 27th May 2021

Here at Panintelligence we’ve been building the most advanced set of embedded analytics tools on the market, for the last 5 years. The market is changing fast; there have been rapid developments in the cloud, the way customers want to access and use their data, and a movement towards ‘no-code’ and ‘low-code’ solutions that allow BI tools to be set up and used without requiring heavy technical input.

We listen to our customers, monitor our competitors, work with our partners, and watch the BI tool market in general, to continually improve our suite of data tools, thereby offering the most progressive and valuable BI tool functionality enabling you and your customers to get ROI on your data, quickly.

Here we look at what’s happening in the BI tool sector and present the improvements and new features you can expect from your Panintelligence BI Tool Suite for 2021.


What’s happening in the BI tools market?

Market is changing fast – Rise of Azure / GCP 

  • 2020 has pushed the Cloud agenda. Cloud is now the default. Gartner has predicted worldwide public cloud spend to grow 18% in 2021, with 70% of organizations using cloud to increase cloud spending in the wake of COVID-19.
  • Rise of cloud data sources
  • AWS is getting squeezed. As of February 2021, Gartner stated that the worldwide cloud market grew 32% this quarter to $39.9 billion. For the full year of 2020, cloud infrastructure spending grew 33% to $142 billion. AWS has 31% of the market (formerly 50%), followed by Azure at 20% (from 15%), Google at 7% (from 4%).
  • SaaS landscape is changing, customers are de-risking this by taking a multi-cloud approach
  • Customers want to bypass technical teams and instead use containerised solutions / quick to deploy business analytics tooling

What are our embedded analytics competitors delivering? 

  • NLP – Natural Language Processing
  • They are signposted from Data Vendors sites
  • True SaaS platforms
  • Data preparation
  • Added analytics
  • Increased functionality

Our mission-critical needs for 2021

  • Commercial flexibility - data capture through auditing will allow us to monitor software usage and provide elastic commercials through unit-based pricing
  • Automated billing and licensing - designed to handle the complexities of our unit-based subscription billing
  • License control – enables us to verify authorized software product access and gives us the ability to protect Pi from unauthorized copying or sharing by unlicensed users by revoking access
  • Insight into usage benchmarks and trends to predict future growth and forecasts - enables us to identify and own future niche markets
  • Triage and error reporting – development of technology that automatically and silently collects and sends information back to the Partner and Panintelligence, when Pi encounters unhandled exceptions
  • Retention – use as a tool to reduce churn.  Understand when customers are using the product less / to its full capabilities.

Panintelligence Product Roadmap 2021

Simplify data integration to cloud data sources

  • Open the cloud ecosystem by increasing data connectivity through onboarding strategic partnerships with third parties such as Panopoly
  • Simplify our own JDBC driver list so that connecting to new data sources become more efficient

Develop a multi-cloud deployment solution

  • Continue to simplify our AWS offering
  • Provide deployments to Azure and GCP
  • Develop Azure and GCP Native Marketplace offerings

Reduce implementation costs and effort

  • Provide simple solutions to complex problems (remove consultancy dependency)
  • Self-service onboarding (learn pi)

Selection of BI features for 2021

At Panintelligence we’re always building better BI tools. If you’d like to take a test drive – register for a free Panintellignce demo here.

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