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Case Study:

Flexible Working App FLEC

Sector: HRTech


Once you've got the data connections built in the right way, Panintelligence means it's really easy for all users to slice and dice the data according to what they need to know."
Ben Ratliff
Director of Product, Flexible Lifestyle Employment Company

About Flexible Lifestyle Employment Company (FLEC)

Flexible Lifestyle Employment Company (FLEC), founded in 2018, is a recruitment and resource management platform for overseeing agency workers. The platform includes an HR system to manage applications, recruitment, document and compliance checks, and other HR-related documentation.

They process a range of documentation on behalf of the agencies for whom they act as an HR provider. Once workers are in the system, FLEC can then match companies with these workers to fill vacancies and labour shortages.

FLEC is a complex cloud-based system that runs off many different databases and is stitched together with microservices. They aim to make information more accessible for its users through data dashboards - this is where Panintelligence comes in.

Choosing a secure embedded reporting provider

FLEC successfully harvests and records data but is required to surface its information in a meaningful way that is accessible to the user base. 

UI work undertaken on the FLEC platform took considerable time because of the complex permission model; restrictions exist so that people can see data at a certain level. All personal details have to be kept very secure. FLEC was finding that requests from users were coming in fast. They realized the need for a configurable reporting front end that could replicate production data and manage access to what users could see.

Panintelligence has a long track record of offering multi-tenanted permission capabilities to handle sensitive data and satisfy commercial contracts. The positive name that Panintelligence had developed meant they were an easy choice and FLEC didn’t need to spend time building the solution themselves. The Panintelligence tool (pi) was also a great fit as it could be easily white-labelled for a seamless brand experience.

The benefits of the Panintelligence pi tool

FLEC needed a reporting tool that could easily integrate with their current data architecture and could satisfy strict permission requirements. Other competitors in the marketplace offered similar, but not comparable solutions. The Panintelligence pi tool offered a more streamlined and simple integration plan with their existing platform. 

The solution FLEC required focussed on users needing to be able to navigate within their product to a reporting option on a visually appealing platform, without having to be reliant on emailed PDF reports. Panintelligence ticked all the boxes in this regard, and as a bonus it also supported SQL.

How FLEC’s end users benefit from embedded reporting

FLEC’s users analyze data for forward planning and day-to-day operations, and in their head office for a broad overview of all data. They have around 10 different dashboards, built to give meaningful measures across these requirements.

For example, agencies using FLEC may want to know ‘how many people have I got to hire next week in order to satisfy the expectations of my customer? Do I need to take out local job adverts?’ 

FLEC users may want to see how many people turned up to work that morning, and how much is the wage bill going to be overall. Is our business growing, or is it shrinking? And what's happening to our cost base?
“Once the data connections are built in, the Panintelligence embedded reporting tool allows all users to easily slice and dice the data according to what they need to know.”
Ben Ratliff
Flexible Lifestyle Employment Company

FLEC's favourite Panintelligence features  


Panintelligence prides itself on offering trustworthy security that is automated. As with many companies, including FLEC, security is crucial as they are bound by strict GDPR and user privacy rules.

User permissions

The ability to set up restrictions on users in the pi embedded reports was another key benefit for FLEC. Currently, FLEC is only using roughly 20% of the capabilities of pi’s permission system. As their user base gets more familiar with FLEC, the hope is that one day they can allow customers to customize dashboards themselves – their user base isn't there yet.

New features

The flexibility of Panintelligence and how rapidly new features can be rolled out are other bonuses. FLEC found that they were able to evolve the reporting front end as quickly as evolving the data back end, without there being any issues. Once new data was available in FLEC, this could be built into their reports almost immediately - customers were very happy with how quickly they can get this.

Next steps for FLEC

FLEC is focused on building up its product and developing richer dashboards. In the future, they may look at changing the pricing structure so that customers can choose the level of data they have access to, and there is a possibility of adopting a tiered pricing model.

Expanding the business in a sensible, sustainable way is a priority for FLEC. They are confident that Panintelligence will help them continually evolve their product by allowing them to offer their customers insights into their business that helps their business grow in return.
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