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As the retail industry continues to evolve, Flooid partners are a critical part of our strategy. By utilising Panintelligence, Flooid can offer its customers more powerful and actionable insights from their data.”
Andy Bourke
Product Manager

Retail technology innovator, Flooid (formerly PCMS), has rolled out Panintelligence to its household-name customers in the UK and US.

Established in 1982, Flooid handles the sales operations for some of the world’s most complex grocery, specialty, fashion, and food and beverage retailers in their POS, self-checkout, mobile, eCommerce and social environments. In the UK they count their customers as Waitrose, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer and in the US, Walgreens.

Flooid enables retailers to tap into the massive ecosystem of start-ups, innovators, and IOT technologies to remove the limits of their innovations.

About the company.

Flooid’s customers include Arcadia and Walgreens
Flooid began life back in 1982 – that’s nearly 40 years of retail expertise
Flooid’s software is used with 8,500 Walgreens stores and 20,000 M&S tills

The challenge.

Flooid recognised that the retail industry was constantly changing and evolving. To unlock the potential in the data that retailers hold, Flooid needed a software partner, which would enable their retail customers to gain more visibility and control of their entire operations.

They wanted to implement a platform to provide retail managers with a visual overview of back-end operations and front-end operations, illustrating live information relating to areas such as stock and warehouse management, customer footfall, and PoS transactions to enable informed strategic decision-making.

The solution.

As Flooid continued to evolve their offering to their customers, they realised that by partnering with Panintelligence, they could offer their customers a solution to visualising critical data in real-time to facilitate quick decision making. Retailers could benefit from the advanced analytics capability and the complete transparency they gain across their retail operation.

The solution is very much about bridging the gap between data scientists, who are experts in ‘data’ and the everyday users who are the experts in their business area. The SME’s are the people in the business who are best-placed to make the decisions that really count so that retailers can understand the lifetime value of customers and optimise the customer journey.

The result.

The solution was launched in January 2020 at ‘The Big Retail Show’ in New York City. Since the Expo, Flooid have continued building their Dashboards so that they can offer their customer base advanced analytics and complete transparency across the retail operation. Andy Bourke, Product Manager said “We see the relationship with Panintelligence as strategic, and very much one for the longer term. Panintelligence is a game-changer in terms of unlocking the power of data that our customers continually collect, allowing them to access data easily and use self-service analytics on a day to day basis. We chose Panintelligence because we could see they were an agile business who could quickly meet our needs with an exciting solution which is industry-leading in terms of security, and will be scalable and easy to use for our retail customers.”

The team at Flooid have had the opportunity to fully evaluate our solution in-house before partnering with us and we’ve built an understanding of how Flooid want to use our solution within the retail sector – it’s been a great journey for both of us.”
Zandra Moore
CEO, Panintelligence


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