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Case Study:

White Label Loyalty

We can now make decisions based on live data thanks to Panintelligence. It’s provided us with a solution that helps our clients understand their customers’ behaviour on a more granular level.”
Achille Traore
CEO, White Label Loyalty

How a mobile-first loyalty scheme has produced a 1% churn rate and increased its client base by 200%.

Powering marketing tools for businesses to engage, understand and retain customers, White Label Loyalty provides seamless and bespoke reward experiences for customers via its intuitive, cloud-based platform.

With a client base spanning many sectors – especially the food, hospitality and automotive industries – the platform gathers critical data to help clients make commercially savvy decisions and re-engage customers via relevant offers.
Challenging how 75% of loyalty schemes fail – because people lose or forget their cards – the results-driven enterprise devised a mobile-first approach to help small businesses and globally recognised brands.

Since then, White Label Loyalty has gleaned critical EPOS detail to help clients understand, and track, customer behaviours, helping them to tailor engaging marketing comms.

About the company.

First established in 2015, the brand has a presence in Leeds, Poznan, Bangalore and Bogota
Integrates with a range of software products including HubSpot and MailChimp
Founder Achille Traore is a Top Tech Yorkshire 2019 winner

The challenge.

Lacking a system that easily analyses crucial customer data, White Label Loyalty had to decide whether it could build its own intuitive platform, or buy in a proven solution that saved time, money and resources.

And with each client sector demanding a different level of detail – for example, hospitality needing to dissect what food and drink choices customers made and the locations they visited – there was a huge need for real-time SaaS analytics that could glean intuitive results for each organisation.

Requiring a frictionless, structured solution – that was flexible, quick-to-deploy, and delivered a comprehensive, easy-to-understand dashboard – White Label Loyalty’s founder Achille Traore met with Panintelligence CEO Zandra Moore and CTO Ken Miller in 2018.

The solution.

After experiencing product demonstrations that didn’t cut it, Achille saw Panintelligence’s business intelligence capabilities for himself. Hosted on an AWS infrastructure, White Label Loyalty embedded the analytics software into his brand’s database, and quickly began collecting large volumes of up-to-date, critical insight. 

Panintelligence’s insightful platform now dissects relevant detail for a range of White Label Loyalty clients – including restaurant chain La Casita and leading parent club Emma’s Diary. Each scheme is customisable, simple to use and built in a way that gathers the insight that’s needed to consistently engage repeat visitors.

The result.

Powered by Panintelligence, Emma’s Diary has seen a vast increase in its user base – from 20,000 to 350,000 people, and La Casita recorded a return on investment in fewer than six months.

Following this success, White Label Loyalty is plugging in the business intelligence software to create a machine learning engine that can forecast ‘churn rate’ – i.e. when a customer stops engaging with a brand.

It’s vital that organisations understand that loyalty isn’t solely about the rewards themselves – it’s about collecting relevant data in a frictionless way that results in customer loyalty and commercial longevity.”
Achille Traore
CEO, White Label Loyalty


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