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Connecting with Panoply

Designed to integrate and make your life easier.

By working together, Panintelligence and Panoply want to open up the value of insight so that everyone, no matter what area of the business they work in, can access what they need in real time and truly embrace data first companies.

The efficiency, performance and affordability of Panoply coupled with the speed to deploy, self service dashboards of Panintelligence, customers can install Panintelligence, connect to Panoply and be analysing data within minutes.

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How to connect Panoply to Panintelligence


See how easy it is to connect Panoply to Panintelligence


How do you pronounce Panoply?  P A N - N O P - P O - L EE

Q: How do you install Panoply?

Q: How do you use Panoply?

Q: How do I export data from Panoply?

Q: How is Panoply different from other ETL Providers?

A: You don't. Its SAAS (software as a service) - you create an account through their website, all you need is an email!

A: Panoply is an ELT (Extract Load Transform) tool designed for non-coders. It allows you to schedule the movement of data from one point to their in-built data warehouse and when here, Panintelligence can connect and it can be easily consumed.

A: Why would you? Panintelligence allows you to export to excel, word, powerpoint or csv.

A: Panoply is great if you don't want to have to provision your own cloud data warehouse.

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