Embed Panintelligence and win new business

White Label Loyalty is redefining loyalty schemes for retailers using the power of data, for customers like Fedex, Emma’s Diary, and La Casita.

Before they had all those household names as customers, White Label Loyalty started out with a powerful business model and data to make it work, but what they lacked was a system to easily analyse data on the fly.

La Casita was about to become a customer, but required a data analytics system in place to sign on the dotted line.

They had two choices: build a system themselves, or buy in a proven solution.

White Label Loyalty embedded Panintelligence into their core product and completely white-labelled our software to look exactly like their own.

Now, data analyses could be performed easily, and data visualisation could be used to present information in a format which their clients could easily understand.

La Casita signed up as a customer and saw a return on investment in less than six months.

Could Panintelligence help you tell a similar story?

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Embed Panintelligence and win new business

Why embed analytics with Panintelligence?

Our powerful analytics engine doesn’t just help you win new customers, it also helps you keep your current customers as well.

Protect and grow your MRR

Protect and grow your MRR

You solve a crucial problem with your core product, but if your clients start asking for reporting software, give them a best-of-breed solution quickly, and unlock opportunities to upsell.

Reduce your churn rate

Reduce your churn rate

Opting to build analytics and reporting software yourself takes time and money, and your customers may not want to wait. Embed our solution and keep them onboard as happy clients.

Take the pressure off

Take the pressure off

Building a solution means diverting internal resources to it. Embed Panintelligence and keep your Development Team working on your core product. After all, that’s what they do best.

Innovate on their behalf

Innovate on their behalf

Bringing new features to your customers keeps them invested in you – their trusted software partner. Surprise and delight your customers and keep them on track to the AI world of the future.

If you’re buying in an analytics solution, what should your key considerations be?

panintelligence tick

1. Your users need to like it!

Panintelligence is designed to be fully self-service – not just our core dashboard, but our report designer and scheduler, and our predictive analytics module too.

There’s no technical know-how required to get the most out of our tools; they’re designed for everyone in a business to use to simplify complex data and drive decision-making.

2. Security

panintelligence shield

If you’re investing in an analytics and reporting platform for your customers, then the safety of their data is now in your hands.

Panintelligence is more secure than any other solution. But how? We don’t require you to move any data; we simply connect to it, and employ user access levels to control what users can and can’t see, and can and can’t do.

3. Integration

If you’re embedding an analytics engine rather than building one, you need to get your customers up and running quickly.

Panintelligence was built from the ground up for embedding. We’re easy to integrate with your core product, as well as other third-party software you use, such as cloud data warehouses and ETL tools.

4. White-labelling

Our software is your software, literally. You can take our product and completely white-label us so that we appear invisible!

The look and feel of our software becomes just like your own, creating a seamless experience for your users.

Are you ready to bring an analytics solution to market, lightning fast?

Embed Panintelligence, white-label our product, and go to market.