Build vs. Buy

When customers require a dashboard for extended reporting capabilities from within your application, development work of a reporting module is often required. Our aim is to remove the need for your Development Team to have to move away from working on your core product, or spend time writing bespoke reports for individual customers.

Independent software vendors can build developer-to-developer relationships with our team and can directly influence the product roadmap. Their Development Team can focus on enhancing their core application.

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Integrating the Pi Dashboard

We're a software vendor who works with other software businesses and we’re very familiar with integrating our product with other vendors’ applications.

Connecting to your data

Using APIs from your application, you can accomplish things like: synchronising accounts, configuring data connections, and authenticating your users.

You might be moving – or have already moved – to a HTML5 application for your own software product, and our Pi Dashboard is fully responsive in HTML5, meaning that it will integrate seamlessly.

Integrating Pi gives you the ability to service data from your product onto any device to create a truly responsive end-user experience.

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When considering build vs. buy, it’s important to give some thought to how a BI solution can scale alongside the business, as it grows. Your Development Team will not only have to build the software, but maintain and improve it, as business requirements grow and change.

A third-party solution gives you the ability to scale as your organisation grows, and through this, you’re also far more likely to future-proof your business intelligence and analytics solution. A third-party BI specialist can keep pace with current market trends, meaning your developers don’t have to.

How we work with our partners

We work very closely with our existing OEM partners to allow them to provide feedback on what they would like to see improved or added to the product, so the software is constantly becoming more intuitive as we improve the usability.

Our software gives you the option to embed charts within web applications and pages, or you can choose to embed the entire dashboard.

Our mission at Panintelligence is to build remarkable partnerships. We focus on being easy to engage with, we make our product easy to integrate with yours, and we make it simple for you to sell.

The dashboard gives you the ability to enhance the value of your core product for your customers. It drives sales of your solution and will increase your market share. If you’re a small business with limited time and resource, you can get a product to market in weeks, enabling a speedy and substantial return on your investment.

About Panintelligence

We're the brand behind the brand for white-label reporting dashboards from leading software vendors like RM Education, Tribal, The ai Corporation, and Advanced. We operate in numerous sectors, including Finance, Education, and Manufacturing.

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