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Agile Applications

Software Vendor

Agile Applications exists to provide local government authorities with software solutions that drive real change in a cost-effective way. The company’s approach to business partnerships is to be flexible – both in the capabilities of their products and how they integrate with their customers’ existing systems.

The company’s suite of products is designed to allow all teams within local government to access their information when they need it – taking data out of silos and offering a holistic view to encourage knowledge sharing.

Agile Applications specialises in several different areas of public sector solutions, including property administration software, environmental and waste management software, and citizen-focused and business/employee-oriented mobile applications.

“We set out to find an alternative BI supplier with a similar “agile” approach to our own, and having evaluated a number of suppliers, we selected Panintelligence. The product not only meets our current BI needs but also offers the data analytics that we plan to incorporate in our product suite.

We’re confident that, as an established and growing specialist, Panintelligence will deliver features and functions over and above those we currently need. Having a good working relationship with our suppliers is as important to us as the product, and it’s clear that the people behind Panintelligence are committed and knowledgeable. We’re sure that they will add value to our offering and help us to deliver an enhanced experience to our customers for years to come."

Andrew Fraser, Agile Applications