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BIST has over 15 years of experience in technology solutions, and the company is recognised as a leading IT reseller and technology provider. They provide hardware and software to a range of clients in various verticals, including Education, as well as the Public and Private sectors.

BIST has partnered with Panintelligence to add new value to their already strong product offering, bringing self-service BI and analytics expertise to their customers to improve reporting.

Keith Petty, MD of BIST Group, commented:

“Panintelligence Analytics and Business Intelligence is a welcome addition to our growing portfolio of Business Transformational Solutions.

As part our vision, we are constantly seeking new ways to add value to our offerings and provide our customers with complete end-to-end solutions.

The Pi Business Intelligence dashboard and reporting software will provide customers with data analytics, enabling better decision making and better performance and we look forward to taking it to market.”