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Formic Solutions

Software Vendor

The multi-channel survey technology supplied by Formic Solutions is trusted by over 200 NHS organisations and private healthcare providers of all sizes across the UK.

Healthcare data captured is used to support clinical assurance and quality improvement from ward to board.

Formic partnered with Panintelligence to provide the health analytics over all their survey data and help its customers meet national healthcare reporting requirements.

John Morley, CEO at Formic said:

“We chose Panintelligence because they have a proven pedigree in delivering innovative analytics technology,

"This fits well with our strategy of continuing to provide our clients with a range of “best of breed” solutions that add real value to healthcare decision-makers”.

Formic has over 25 years’ experience in the healthcare sector, and they pride themselves on their customer support.

It’s easy-to-use and flexible solutions give care providers access to fast, accurate and multi-channel data capture and insights into patient experience.