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Risk Reasoning

Software Vendor

Risk Reasoning is the UK-based parent company of the RiskAid product and services.

In 2004 the company set out to redefine how risk management and planning tools were used in the industry.

Like Panintelligence, Risk Reasoning believed that the tools used should be easy to use, affordable and enable individuals within a wide variety of industries to make better informed decisions.

Risk Reasoning offers customers from educational institutions to charities to international energy and finance firms the precise mix of support services and support tools that they require, in a fully integrated comprehensive solution.

Their solution is designed to help everyone express and work with uncertainty in a way that anyone can understand - not just mathematicians.

The Panintelligence BI dashboard is seamlessly integrated into the RiskAid software, allowing customers to access data in real-time and drill down to the underlying information.

Implementing a self-service business intelligence tool, means that everyone is motivated to use the software and focus on their risks and what to do with them – all areas of the organisation therefore gain a better understanding of risks and how best to manage them.