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WCBS is an MIS provider to schools within the Education sector. Since the business was established over 30 years ago, they have worked with a range of different clients, including prep and junior schools, to international students to provide them with cutting-edge technology.

WCBS has two key pieces of software – passFINANCE and 3sysACADEMIC, and the Panintelligence Dashboard is being used over both of these products to improve reporting for their customers.

“Brilliant product – simple to use and came with a great track record. It was the first choice of platform for enhancing our dashboard and reporting for our customers. It will save time for our users and ultimately improve school performance and interventions. Panintelligence is a great organisation to work with; they’re totally focused on their partners, which makes doing business with them easy.”

Mike Page, Product Director at WCBS