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Why do Software Vendors love pi?

pi is a self-service, easy to use, data visualisation, machine learning, and analytics engine that software vendors can embed into their application and make available to their customers to improve data insights and access to information without moving data from your transactional system.

Our software is really easy to use and, in this video, we'll show you just how easy it is.

You can play with pi for free for 24 hours.

Predictive Analytics

pi is designed to be self-service, so that any person within a business can access the data they need to create reports, make critical decisions, and gain a 360-view of performance.

pi's self-service capabilities don't just start and end with dashboards. pi's predictive analytics module - pi Predict - is also designed to be used by any user who wants to wants to delve deeper into their data and find out not just what's happening, but why they're happening and what will likely happen in the future.

Introducing pi Reports

pi Reports is a module which allows you to create and schedule visual, insightful reports. Our reporting module allows users to schedule charts to other users via email, and applies existing security restrictions and user permissions as it distributes those reports.

Data Insights for Software vendors

In this video, Panintelligence CEO, Zandra, shows you a range of advanced and unique features within the pi product suite that we find software vendors love about our software. These features allow for data insights to be generated easily and quickly.

Client testimonials - Tribal

Tribal Group provides software and services to the education industry on a global scale, as well as working with learners and trainers within the same space.

Focusing on higher and further education, Tribal is recognised as the number one provider of student management systems and, as part of that offering, it embeds the pi Dashboard into its ebs4 and Maytas products.

Client testimonials - Morphean

Morphean is a technology company which was originally founded in Switzerland, and has since expanded into 12 countries worldwide. The business was set up in 2009 and now has more than 60 partners in Europe alone.

Panintelligence and Morphean have partnered together to bring business intelligence and analytics to the Morphean platform. The software is innovative, and helps other businesses prepare for a future driven by AI, through improving secure access to intelligence gathered from a variety of network connected devices.

Client testimonials - Advanced

Advanced is a leading software provider to the public and private sectors, offering a package of integrated business applications and services.

As part of that package, Advanced offers pi Dashboard over multiple products of theirs, specifically accounting, ERP, and Field Services solutions.

Client testimonials - Huntsman Security

Huntsman Security is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and the business is a specialist in cyber security, focused on supporting its customers in terms of their cyber resilience.

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panintelligence is a leader in Europe Embedded Business Intelligence on G2
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panintelligence is a leader in Analytics Platforms on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Europe Analytics Platforms on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Mid-Market Embedded Business Intelligence on G2
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