5 Ways a BI and Analytics partnership can drive Reseller growth
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5 Ways a BI and Analytics partnership can drive Reseller growth

The Business Intelligence and Analytics market is hot! With analysts like Gartner and Forrester predicting further double-digit growth ahead, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Organisations of all shapes and sizes are struggling to make sense of their data. Data is growing faster than ever, sitting in multiple systems across different areas of the business or companies. Many are struggling with the question, ‘what is happening’ in my business because they cannot see ‘the big picture’ and track KPIs in real-time to enable them to make decisions when it counts.

Self-service predictive analytics is now changing the game. No longer the domain of ‘data scientists’, SMEs can now self-serve predictive analytics. This helps businesses understand ‘why things are happening’ so they can make the decisions which will improve future performance, efficiency or customer service.

Become a ‘trusted advisor’

Customers are not just looking for a one-stop shop to service their IT needs, they’re looking for a ‘trusted advisor’ who can offer solutions which solve the problems of the Finance, Operations or Customer Service teams and helps them to compete more effectively. Adding value by offering new technologies or knowledge will secure their future business.

Accelerate product knowledge

A supportive partner model means you can benefit from knowledge-sharing, build your skills and scale your business without the additional cost of investing in new resources, training or development. Sales enablement and technical training should be part and parcel of your partnership package.

Enable sales of other software

Position BI as an add-on to other software and get the ‘Wow factor’ in your demos when you show the data visualisation capabilities of a BI tool.

This is a sales enabler because it enhances the reporting and analytics of other software such as those used for managing finance, stock, document flow, projects, cases or any other solutions in your business.

Customers can instantly see how they can extract value from data and integrate new and existing systems. BI and Analytics tools give resellers the value-add which puts you head and shoulders above the competition and enables you to close the business.

Recurring revenue based on services and consultancy

Affordable BI tools are now within the reach of SMEs and no longer the luxury of enterprise level businesses. The new generation of self-service BI tools allow resellers to put a solution in place in days not months, so avoiding the lengthy implementation times of traditional solutions.

Solutions sales bring you recurring revenue, so you can confidently plan for growth. But best of all, building the consultancy and support side of your business makes your customers stickier as you deepen relationships and give them a reason to keep coming back to the table with the business problems they are looking to solve.

No risk investment to boost profitability

With industry-leading margins of fifty percent, there’s no up-front investment, so you can partner at your own pace while improving margins by extending your product and service offering to meet new customer needs. This means you can offer an affordable solution to SMEs which is easy to use and you can implement in matter of days not weeks.

Regardless of who your customers are and what sectors they’re in, once you’ve helped your sales team identify the opportunity to hit their targets and exceed their OTE, you’re ready to drive revenue out of your existing customer base and attract new business which will support your growth ambitions.