7 new Development Partners signed up in just 3 months

Since its launch in September 2017, 7 new partners have taken advantage of our new Development Partner agreement.

We’ve introduced the Development Partner agreement because we’re so confident our new partners will want to work with us once they’ve experienced how focused Panintelligence is on developing long-term relationships.

What is the Development Partnership?

Our new agreement allows us to begin working collaboratively with our partners right from the early stages of evaluating our Business Intelligence and Analytics solution until they reach the point when they are ready to take a product to market.

We know the flexibility to fully test the fit and capabilities of our software – and connect to any data source without being time-limited – is an important factor when considering entering a partnership. We believe we are unique in offering up to 12 months for partners to fully evaluate our solution before agreeing to a full commercial contract.

Here are some of the great benefits

  • Flexibility to evaluate at your own pace for up to 12 months
  • Accessible developer to developer support to build a solution
  • Free technical training, and sales and marketing support
  • 50% discount on consultancy and services
  • 'Build Partner' option to free up your resources

We can even go one step further with our Build Partner option, so you can keep your development resources focused on your core product.

We help you to scope out your dashboard, then build a fully demo-ready dashboard to show to your user groups. This is particularly attractive when development resource is stretched, or resource is not available in-house.