ACI launches ReD Shield with ReDi BI portal

Mike Cripps, Director of Panintelligence, proudly announced

“We are delighted to welcome ReD as our latest OEM partner. From our first meeting with ReD through to contract signature the engagement has been intensive, collaborative and challenging and there were several firsts for both parties along the way,

"Throughout the evaluation period we have worked very closely with Phil Stothard from ReD and our shared commitment to a successful outcome has helped forge a very strong partnership.”

Phil Stothard joined ReD in early 2012 as Director of Business Intelligence.

With over 20 years experience in business intelligence, analytics and data warehousing, Phil is focused on identifying opportunities to add value to ReD’s customer relationships and increase internal efficiencies through the intelligent use of the rich pool of data and analytical expertise available within the business.

Phil explained “At ReD we process millions of very rich data transactions every day, looking for fraud on behalf of some of the largest e-commerce merchants around the world,

"We aim to provide these merchants with near-real-time access to that data at all levels, from summary dashboards right through to underlying transaction detail, through an interactive, self- service Business Intelligence Portal.” he said

“After our first meeting with Panintelligence, I recognised that there was real potential here and that, if we took their dashboard tool, hooked it to a high performance database and got the Panintelligence team to extend the functionality, we would have a powerful basis for our self-service BI portal,

"I also had a sense that we could do so relatively quickly, without building a team of IT specialists, as a basis for working through prototype, pilot and early adopter phases to help us to evolve the solution,

"The security, user management and multi-tenancy facilities and the internal architecture were an ideal fit to our non-functional requirements, giving the product a significant head start over other tools which we had been considering.”

Initial prototype in 3 months

Mike Cripps 

"Of all our OEM partners to date, ReD has been quickest to take the dashboard to market.

Within 3 months of our first meeting they were able to deploy an initial prototype of ReD-i (their new BI portal) to a major American e-commerce retailer.

This is a great achievement given the various approvals, processes and messaging that need to be in place in order to get adoption of a new product in a global business and launch it into international markets.

It strongly supports the argument that partnering can be a very quick and cost effective route to market, avoiding the risks and potential pitfalls of an in house development.”

Phil Stothard

“We quickly turned my ‘sense of the possible’ into a real prototype and deployed this to the US customer and internally within ReD.

The customer was impressed by our speed and our ability to make changes and apply enhancements quickly. Linked to a high performance, columnar analytic database – we are using Sybase IQ – performance is stunning.

Currently we have over 200m transactions, each with over 450 data items, and all of our interactive dashboards and queries run directly against them with no summarisation.

This fusion of a ‘Big Data’ platform, a powerful GUI and data updates every 2 minutes is exactly what we set out to achieve.

It means our dashboards will be near-real-time, highly interactive and can be deployed globally from a single instance.”

Harnessing the power of Big Data

Mike Cripps 

“In these days of “Big Data” talk, and all the hype that surrounds it, the scenario described by Phil is proof positive that it is possible to harness the power of the data.

To then be able to demonstrate drill-through to individual transaction detail had a profound impact on Phil’s colleagues and customers alike.

Everyone who saw ReD-i, including customers and internal staff, were clearly impressed and the pull for the product thereafter has been a big factor in getting it to market so quickly.”

Phil Stothard

“The success of the prototype and other customer demonstrations is now pushing us to build out our live production environment quickly, to deliver to a small group of Early Adopters in October and towards a globally available BI portal by the end of 2012.

That’s just 9 months after we first came across the Panintelligence dashboard.”

Flexible and responsive BI solution

Ken Miller, Product Manager for Panintelligence said

“We pride ourselves on our flexibility and the fact that our prospects and customers have a big say in our product roadmap.

ReD has piloted with V8 of the Panintelligence dashboard but, throughout the evaluation period, it was regularly enhanced at ReD’s request and these enhancements once tested and released are available for download to the whole User community.

Our next major upgrade of the product, V9, will have added functionality centred on enhanced reporting and bursting – the ability to automate the sending of reports and charts to individuals at set times.

ReD has also had major input into what the final shape of V9 will look like, particularly in terms of significant usability and presentation features and enhancement.

The upgrade from V8 to V9 when it comes will be seamless, as is the case for all our releases.”

Phil Stothard 

“The sheer volume of our data, and the number of users around the world, demands a quality end user solution which is truly interactive and intuitive, needing little support and training.

The Panintelligence team has risen to all the challenges we have set so far – with still more to do.

The result of this collaboration is an excellent end product that both ReD and Panintelligence can be really proud of, showcasing the power of the Panintelligence dashboard harnessed to the right data platform for our environment.”

Mike Cripps

“Both ReD and Panintelligence have put a lot of time, effort, goodwill and commitment into the relationship in the last few months and we look forward to building on that in the months and years to come.

Phil’s BI background knowledge and expertise have proved beneficial and his input into the dashboard has been very valuable. We are ever willing to learn and improve our customer’s experience of the product and service.”

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