The ai Corporation improves Customer decision-making with Panintelligence

The ai Corporation (ai) has partnered with Panintelligence to enable its Clients to make proactive decisions by identifying key trends within their data. ai works with many of the leading banks and financial institutions in the world, providing them with unique solutions to tackle fraud and risk management. With the Panintelligence BI dashboard, ai is now able to deliver a visual representation of data to their clients. This enables Clients to proactively make prioritised business decisions, receive greater business value from ai, and in return maximise value from their investment. When ai first started working with Panintelligence both companies appreciated the other’s open-minded, creative and agile approach to business.

The similarities in company cultures helped forge a strong collaborative partnership from the first meeting. With support from Panintelligence, ai has broadened its relationship with one of its global strategic Clients. Panintelligence was involved in all stages of the process, from pre-sales support and project planning, right through to delivery. As the project developed, additional requirements came to light and the Panintelligence team were committed to meeting the Client’s evolving needs. The Client asked for a specific sales dashboard, pulling together data from over 20 different sources. Combining ai’s machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities with Panintelligence allows the customer’s sales teams to identify key opportunities and prioritise them.

“The support extended by the Panintelligence team has been first-rate,” said Mark Goldspink, CEO at ai Corporation. “They have joined us for pre-sales sessions, product demonstrations and whiteboard ‘open-thinking’ session, often at short notice.” Working together with ai, Panintelligence developed live demos and branded reports, allowing ai to demonstrate data that would resonate with the customer. This project was put together in just a few weeks, a task that would have taken years as an internal project. “The ai and Panintelligence relationship is symbiotic and allows us to present incredible value to our end clients,” added Mark. “We are already seeing a return on our investment and in the first few weeks of live usage, one of our Clients sales teams has closed over $100,000 of new revenue as a result of this project.

However, we don’t intend to stop there with our partnership. ai’s powerful rules engine means that alerts can be triggered around events, essentially the opportunity to push business critical information to managers, not just business information but business opportunity. Finally ai’s predictive neural modelling/machine learning tools are being added to the solution providing a forecasting capability. These predictive models exploit patterns found in historical transactional data to identify risks and opportunities. The ability to carry out key value elasticity modelling across a business.”