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Barriers to a successful Business Intelligence implementation

According to Gartner, more than half of all business intelligence (BI) and data warehouse projects fail. In an era in which reliable information has never been more important, Panintelligence explains how its dashboard reporting software successfully overcomes many of the issues which lead to the failure to implement, or continue to use, a new BI solution.

Reports take too long to run

Users left waiting hours for a report in response to each ad-hoc query are not likely to continue using the BI solution. That’s why it’s so important for a business intelligence application to consist of well-architected information systems, delivering a response in seconds rather than hours. Ad-hoc queries are very quick to run with our solution, as building new charts is easy and only take seconds.

Requirements have changed since the project began

BI projects often suffer from protracted delivery times. The result of which is by the time the solution is finally delivered it does not cater to an organisation’s current requirements. Unlike many of the alternatives, the Panintelligence business intelligence dashboard is truly flexible.

The world is continuously changing and BI solutions need to be adaptable so that they do not become rapidly outdated. Panintelligence has created a highly adaptable and flexible business intelligence solution that is self-service in nature. It allows users to define their charts, free from dependence on IT to make changes for them.

Limited access to the right information

Some BI solutions are very exclusive, delivering information to a limited number of users, when other people within the organisation would also benefit from having access.

The inclusive approach of Panintelligence’s business intelligence software allows users with the appropriate privileges to share information with anyone in a number of different ways.

Charts can be printed, shared as images and PDFs, or regularly distributed via email on a schedule to key contacts, ensuring everyone has access to the most up to date information.

Users refuse to stop using their existing solution

Some users simply can’t bring themselves to let go of what they are most familiar with, even if they’re only using Excel spreadsheets. By engaging with them involved at an early stage of development, and by demonstrating how quick and easy it is to find answers, Panintelligence has turned many customers into evangelical promoters of business intelligence software.

Written by Zandra

Zandra is the co-founder and CEO of Panintelligence. She not only drives the product and the Sales Team forward but is also instrumental in evolving the innovative culture of Panintelligence. When Zandra isn’t in the office she can be found with her family, as well as painting, running, and leading her Leeds Lean in Ladies Circle. Basically, she never stops.