Business Analysis sign and see immediate benefits

Business Analysis are the latest of a growing list of software authors to have signed an OEM Agreement with Panintelligence. Business Analysis is a leading player in the workshop repair and calibration management software market, and their suite of software solutions allows their customers to track jobs throughout the entire process from pre-alert through to despatch and invoicing. With over 30 years experience Business Analysis were the “first to market” with a comprehensive workshop and calibration package with a focus on providing their customers with a paperless environment, thus reducing the carbon footprint. Mike Cripps from Panintelligence said “We are delighted to have signed up Business Analysis, and during the evaluation process we have formed a great relationship with Alan Horner their MD. Workshop and Calibration management software is another new deployment area for our Business Intelligence dashboard which just reinforces the fact that wherever there is data and a reporting requirement the dashboard can add real value. It is particularly well suited in the drive for a paperless office as being able to see KPIs in real time with the ability to drill down into the detail behind it means there is less requirement for the paper reports which are invariably out of date by the time they are distributed.” Alan Horner the MD of Business Analysis added "Within two hours of trialling the dashboard with an existing client it highlighted a major business process failure, I expect this excellent BI tool to highlight similar shortcomings with each deployment."