Why Business Intelligence needs to be for everyone

The current economic climate is making both small and large organisations spend more time weighing their options before making decisions which could have a significant impact on the business.

Some organisations have responded, during this period of uncertainty, by investing in business analytics from organisations such as Panintelligence, to give them a more informed overview of their business.

However, the successful implementation of BI reporting is not an overnight transformation, but a gradual adoption.

Although business intelligence can be invaluable in supporting decision making, as well as highlighting areas that need improvement, organisations cannot simply install it and expect it to deliver all the answers.

Nor can businesses analyse data from business intelligence software in isolation. It needs to be an integral part of internal decision making processes and ongoing review procedures.

Furthermore, users of dashboard reporting software should regularly review the areas that are being monitored, to ensure the solution’s continued relevance and usefulness in the business.

However, this internal change cannot be achieved without cheerleaders to encourage the continued use of the software.

Access to data across the business

This is why access to business intelligence should not be limited to a few individuals in the business. Users at all levels of an organisation would stand to benefit from having access.

These people know their particular area of the organisation best, and by giving them access to up-to-date information to assist with their decisions, it empowers them to streamline operations, cut costs and drive a continual process of improvements in the business.

Such widespread employee access to business data also allows for greater sharing of insights with team members.

Access to relevant data from a business intelligence dashboard, like that from Panintelligence, means that employees at all levels can take the lead in the search for revenue-boosting opportunities. This, in turn, keeps the business strong as a whole, irrespective of the economic environment.