Business Intelligence for Facilities Management

As mentioned in a previous article, Panintelligence recently exhibited at the Facilities Show 2013. We showcased our business intelligence for facilities and estates management businesses. Many facilities companies promote how different aspects of the business including energy, water and building performance can be optimised, with various techniques, new technology and incentives. Attractions at the Facilities Show 2013 included the Energy Management Theatre, which addressed the growing requirements of facilities management practitioners within the fields of sustainability, renewables and energy consumption. The Energy Management Theatre presented a programme of talks that provided invaluable pointers for many of those in facilities management and field service organisations, showcasing how energy efficiency can be improved, and costs reduced, without any compromise in quality.

Monitoring Performance

However, it is not enough for an organisation to invest, whether they are interested in implementing new energy-efficient equipment, optimising building energy performance or exploiting renewable energy systems, and then hope for the best. Each business must step back from their investment and accurately monitor its performance. This will ensure that the organisation continues to get the most out of the changes that have been made.

A business intelligence dashboard can bring information together from multiple systems and databases, enabling an organisation to access all of the information in one portal. Implementing the right business intelligence application allows a facilities management organisation to move away from a silo structure. It makes it easier for them to manage the overall performance of their business. With the functions that the dashboard reporting software from Panintelligence offers such as drill down on charts, trigger alerts when performance thresholds are crossed, and provide a truly holistic view of the business, it can be a valuable tools for field service organisations wishing to enhance performance, efficiency and profitability.

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