Capita plc Partners with Panintelligence

Panintelligence has agreed an exciting new partnership with Capita plc’s software services business which offers great business benefits to both parties and their clients.

Capita plc is the largest business process outsourcing and professional services company in the UK. With clients in both central and local government as well as the private sector, the partnership offers Capita a wide-reaching opportunity to enhance customer experience by using the Panintelligence business intelligence solution.

Advantage ECM, part of Capita’s software services business, will be taking the lead on this initiative having seen the value that dashboards can bring to external customers and internal customers across the wider Capita group. Capita's Advantage ECM solution offers a complete scanning, workflow and integration solution to clients.

The partnership will help Capita to build specially-tailored solutions for clients across all sectors to share data and documents effectively and securely across different locations. The Panintelligence solution will be sold as both a standalone solution and as part of Capita’s ECM offering.

Zandra Moore, Sales Director, Panintelligence, said:

“Capita has a wealth of clients across both the public and private sector and an excellent track record of producing effective solutions which meet their clients’ needs. This partnership will allow Panintelligence to leverage Capita’s experience to bring our product to new markets. Working with Capita, we will be able to offer unparalleled document solutions.”

Michael Fernandes, Business Manager, Advantage ECM, said:

“We are very excited to announce this new partnership. Panintelligence’s interactive reporting and dashboard solution will support our goal to offer truly streamlined document solutions to our clients, and enable them to drive innovation and improve business performance.”

The Panintelligence BI dashboard has proven successful across a broad range of businesses using different software solutions. It’s flexibility and ease of use can be leveraged across a multitude of different applications and different data sources.

The latest responsive product enhancement means that businesses can access data from any mobile device, anytime, anywhere giving the user a truly mobile experience.

Enabling better decisions is at the heart of the product offering. Real-time data is made visual in a highly digestible format which makes sense to the user and enables them to make decisions quickly. Analytics, exception reporting and email alerts make it quick and easy for the user to get to the critical data they need to improve performance.

The potential to drive innovation and improvements in business processes and performance is unlimited. With Panintelligence improving visibility of data and enabling transparency of processes across any business function together with Capita’s expertise we are confident that this will prove to be one of our most successful partnerships to date.

Written by Ken

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