Communisis adopt Panintelligence to enhance reporting

Communisis is a UK leading Marketing Services Provider, with a turnover of £208m, and specialises in helping customers make their communications processes more profitable. It helps to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of the whole business process of customer communications by enhancing and deploying customer data; providing technology to automate and streamline workflows; and has world-class production capabilities that can output via print and electronic channels. Tim Mason, Head of Management Information at Communisis said “The Panintelligence dashboard gives us the optimum combination of power, flexibility and ease of use. The product is easy to work with and our staff have quickly learned how to create useful reports. The product has a light footprint, requiring little disc space and bandwidth. Performance is excellent, and the pricing is very competitive. We believe this product can do a brilliant job for us and our customers.”

Mike Cripps, a Director of Panintelligence added “We are delighted to have Communisis as a customer. They are a large and successful local business who have been great to work with from the outset. As well as using the dashboard to improve information flow and visibility internally, it is great to see that Communisis plan to use it as a way of reporting key metrics to their customers. We strongly encourage our customers to deploy the dashboard to all of their stakeholders as a very cost effective way of giving everybody the actionable information they need to do the best possible job.”