Cress Release......We are not Yolking

We are very excited about our new office greenhouse, especially today with our first harvest of cress.  Ken Miller our Technology Director supplied duck eggs from his flock and we celebrated with Egg and Cress sandwiches for lunch. Jade Turley, our Newcastle born Account Manager said, "This is well therapeutic, I have never potted plants at work before, can't wait to get stuck into the tomatoes." We strive to make our offices a home from home and as welcoming as possible so that when we come to work we feel comfortable, relaxed and a sense of belonging. Bright, friendly, interesting and fun is the goal and we always looking for personal touches.

So please come and visit us and ask to see Zandra’s Spanish dancer oil painting, Steve’s framed photos of our beautiful Yorkshire Dales and Jade will show you the array of vegetables growing in our  greenhouse and watch this space for Ken’s aquarium!  Add to that fresh flowers, pot plants and a welcoming cup of Yorkshire tea and you may find yourself wanting to stay a lot longer! We are passionate about helping our partners and customers run their businesses more effectively and about creating a stimulating work environment for everyone. We have three guiding principles that are the basis for everything we do:- Enabling better decisions - it is our Vision, our Mission and our Mantra and it is Why people buy our product. Relationships come first - putting people at the heart of our business. Long term view – taking a strategic approach rather than driven by short term goals and gains.