Delegates get hands on at Maytas 2015 conference

Last week we were delighted to take part in the Evolve Maytas 2015 conference for Tribal customers. Its headlines were insight, performance and control, with a focus on mobility. We ran a number of workshops during the day. This was the first time that Tribal had ever run a hands-on workshop for attendees giving them the opportunity to see the Panintelligence dashboard and experience it first hand. We ran three sessions during the day, so we really went for it!

All of the sessions were packed and there was a real buzz and energy in the room from the attendees. After just five minutes of training they were building their own charts over Maytas data. At the end of the session all of the delegates dashboards were stored and sent out to the attendees, so they all had a copy of their work. Feedback from the attendees was very positive, they found it really easy to use and enjoyed getting some hands-on experience instead of just a presentation.

Mike Fisher, Product Manager for Maytas and e-track, also launched the new Panintelligence responsive application. The attendees were excited to see how they could access information on the move, via tablet and mobile devices. During his presentation Mike Fisher also highlighting the importance of best practice when designing charts. We previously delivered this content earlier in the year at our annual customer conference where it really caught people's attention. Consistent dashboard design and the benefits it can deliver surprised a number of people on both occasions and it really fired the imagination. The Maytas 2015 conference was a great success and we're already looking forward to the next one with Tribal.