See what you missed at our Destination AI new business event

Last Thursday, we held our inaugural Destination AI: Best Routes for Software Vendors event at techUK’s headquarters in London.

We welcomed a plethora of partners, customers, prospective partners, friends of the business, and brand-new faces for a talk about journeying from Machine Learning (ML) to AI, over breakfast.

And we’re very pleased to say that it was a success, as we continue to get more software companies onboard the journey to AI, so they don’t get left behind.

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Destination AI – what was it all about?

We want to help businesses up and down the country understand the best ways to prepare for the AI ML revolution and realise that it’s an exciting opportunity, not an impending robot revolution.

Let’s not get carried away by the hype and the buzz; let’s get to grips with the basics and then plan how we can scale this to the heights of AI.

  • Our CEO, Zandra, kicked things off with an introductory talk which eased fears surrounding AI and why it’s an innovation which is critical for businesses to adopt.

  • Next, techUK’s Associate Director of Technology and Innovation, Sue Daley, showed the size of the AI opportunity for UK businesses and how we can capitalise on it.

  • Lastly, Nadine Sutton of Advanced gave a talk of reassurance. Advanced are concerned they need to be getting onboard the journey to AI now, and they recognise that many other software companies out there are at the same starting step of this journey too.

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How can Panintelligence help you deliver AI for your customers?

AI is constantly being touted as the technology of the future, and the destination for tech businesses wanting to succeed in the future.

But how do you successfully deliver AI for your customers? Panintelligence can help.

At our event, we showed how you can get on the first rung of the ladder to AI, and demonstrated to our attendees how to make the prospect of AI less scary and more attainable.

  • Have you started to get questions from your user base about how your product will offer AI?

  • Have you thought about adding ML (Machine Learning) to your product to get you started?

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Why leverage the capabilities of AI?

Start by deploying Machine Learning to your client base securely and quickly to give your customers comfort that you have a plan for keeping your product innovative.

Learn how to help your customers navigate the route, enabling them to self-serve their data and apply ML and predictive analytics technology to solve everyday problems, e.g. customer churn, payment arrears, supply chain disruption, and course dropout.

Whether your customers are a long way down the path from BI (Business Intelligence) to AI, or at the start of the data journey and still struggling with KPIs, see how you can enable them to get results today and build for tomorrow.

Why Destination AI was a success

At Panintelligence, we feel that software companies need to hear both sides of the story – businesses like techUK who are already actively pursuing their future in AI, and those like Advanced who are getting ready to begin their AI journey very soon.

And that’s exactly where our event’s attendees are now – ready to take on the world of Machine Learning with Panintelligence, ready to progress to AI when the time is right.