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Fragility in the haulage industry and Business Intelligence

Sean Sherwin-Smith, Group Director of IT at Pall-Ex, recently wrote a blog for NAVistics about the fragility in the haulage industry, Big Data, and Business Intelligence.

Many logistics companies are relying too heavily on end of month reports in an industry where demand is driven by the customer and sudden changes can occur at any time.

To truly understand the impact and true cost of these shifts in demand, Sean believes hauliers need to obtain real-time visibility of the three key drivers of supply chains – information, goods and funds.

“This needs to be centred on a single IT platform, removing duplicated activities and pass data seamlessly between departments and activity points. This way the haulier can drive their business from a dashboard and drill down on any anomalies quickly to fix problems now and not at the end of the month when the management accounts are published… which could be too late!” commented Sean.

“Pall-Ex utilises the Panintelligence dashboard across various levels of the business to bring value and visibility to our partners as outlined in this blog.” To read the blog in full click here.

Written by Ken