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How Clean is your Data? Performance Monitoring & BI

The business intelligence dashboard from Panintelligence can do more than assist with performance monitoring and the analysis of your business. It can also ensure the optimal quality of your data, enabling you to make vital decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

How clean is your data?

If you’re utilising business intelligence solutions to aid your decision-making then you need to ensure that the data being entered into your in-house systems is clean, organised, input in a consistent fashion and is up to date. Creating BI reporting based on data which is months, weeks or even days old in some cases, renders those reports useless.

Unclean data can arise through inconsistent data entry methods, inputting data at the end of the week or month, instead of at the end of a task, making it out of date, or even simply down to keystroke errors.

Out of date information

In dealing with new customers, Panintelligence’s experience has revealed that many businesses rely on procedures which result in data that is unclean. Often these businesses remain unaware how out of date their information is until the start of their next reporting cycle.

At the recent Service Management Expo, many service companies shared anecdotes about the difficulties they experience with analysing calls closed by field engineers. Quite often all open calls were being closed at the end of the day instead of when the jobs were complete.

Utilising a business intelligence dashboard allows them to closely monitor engineers in the field and it retrain them into the habit of closing calls when finished, thereby ensuring the data is accurate. Other companies have also described how they use the dashboard’s charts to track incorrectly inputted data – where values show up as ‘Null’ or ‘Not Found’ - which can skew results.

Some companies create charts which identify where the data inaccuracies lie, perhaps within a particular database or department, allowing them to address current inconsistencies and prevent errors in the future.

In-house data cleansing

The Panintelligence business dashboard can help identify in-house issues such as these, without the need to purchase another piece of software, or employ the services of a data cleansing company.

Customers can leverage the power of the dashboard to create charts that highlight anomalies in the data before it is used to aid their decision making process.

This maximises the value of the business dashboard and allows a business to make strategic and beneficial decisions based on clean, up to date information.

Written by Ken