Helping MotoNovo customers access key performance indicators

Business intelligence solutions deliver insight by making it easy for organisations to access their data and monitor key performance indicators in real time. This information can help businesses make better informed decisions, but only if users are looking at information that is relevant to them. Organisations need to carefully decide how the data is presented to their users in order to make it valuable. The Panintelligence dashboard has proven invaluable for a wide range of customers including, MotoNovo Finance, a leading motor finance provider.

MotoNovo Finance

Much of MotoNovo’s success can be attributed to its commitment to providing a personal service, supported by leading edge technology. The firm is strongly committed to innovation and change, and there are few aspects in which this forward-thinking ethos is more apparent than its use of business intelligence analytics across the business. As MotoNovo moved towards a Key Performance Indicators (KPI) driven model they needed a solution that would integrate with their decision making process. Before adopting the Panintelligence business intelligence solution, their previous reporting system produced dozens of reports which weren’t presented in an easy to interpret format. There was also the time consuming factor of looking through all of the reports to find what was important to different departments. Initially a number of departments were tracking everything via the business analytics dashboard, and even though the data was being produced in a timely manner, the volume of data made it difficult to interpret. Senior management asked different departments to focus on essential KPIs so that within a few screen they could have a clear view of performance. The Sales and Dealers department now makes use of just six charts, which were piloted, before going live across the company.

Business Intelligence Solution

Mark Standish, Chief Executive Officer, at MotoNovo observed: “A business intelligence solution only has true value if everyone down to the front line staff has access to it. Then they can actually see where they can increase performance and this has positively impacted on performance and motivation. Personally, I feel that the dashboard supports the agility and the speed of action and the decision making structure in the company.” It didn’t take long for the BI reporting solution to have a positive impact across the business. Although employees were initially wary of being monitored, individual and team productivity and motivation improved. By involving staff from the start of the process it has led to improved speed and accuracy, and transparency across the business is much improved. By carefully choosing which aspects to monitor with business intelligence software, and narrowing it down to just a few charts, companies have been able to achieve real improvements in decision-making and all-round performance.