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Huntsman Security signs global software partnership with Panintelligence

We are delighted to have formed a new partnership with Huntsman Security. Huntsman is a worldwide leader in cybersecurity and to have been selected as its partner to develop WebView is a great endorsement of our own capabilities.

We’re looking forward to providing BI and analytics insights to the global market, especially where security and data protection is a primary priority.

Who is Huntsman Security?

Huntsman Security, founded in Sydney, Australia, is a cybersecurity specialist focused on supporting its customers’ cyber resilience.

The business has offices in London, Tokyo, and the Philippines, and their software solutions are used worldwide in highly sensitive environments including government, national intelligence, border protection and critical infrastructure sectors.

huntsman security dashboard

Why did Huntsman Security choose Panintelligence?

“Panintelligence has a long track record in secure data visualisation, and a focus on gaining insights and providing really useful BI dashboards in real-time.

Working closely with them has enabled us to provide a unique set of new capabilities that allow non-technical senior leaders in client organisations early, secure access to key BI and data in a way that wasn’t previously possible.”

Piers Wilson, Head of Product Management at Huntsman Security

Expanding internationally

Partnering with Huntsman Security is the second international relationship we’ve formed in recent months, following the announcement that the American retail software giant, PCMS, had signed up to sell the Panintelligence product suite into its customer base.

“After opening a second office in Boston, MA, and beginning partnerships with PCMS and Huntsman Security, our aims of expanding internationally are being realised.

We know that there is worldwide demand for analytics software, as well as businesses wanting to harness the power of AI and Machine Learning in a way that is easy for their customers to use and deploy.

We can enable that for them.”

Zandra Moore, CEO, Panintelligence

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