Jayex – from Self-Service Patient Check-ins to Self-Service Reporting

Jayex Technology, pioneers in patient flow technology have recently partnered with Panintelligence to enhance the reporting capabilities of their healthcare solutions.

The acclaimed ITK accredited software platform “Enlighten E4 is one of the solutions our self-service dashboard will be reporting over.

This solution is at the forefront of the self-service revolution in Healthcare. Jayex Enlighten 4 reduces labour-intensive and paper-based processes to deliver dramatic cost savings, accuracy and efficiency.

Nick Fernando, MD of Jayex Technology Ltd commented

“Intuitive and flexible Business Intelligence tools are a must-have add-on to any system in this day and age.

As Panintelligence have an excellent solution and are very helpful and easy to work with, we decided to partner with them to enhance our product and to help our customers access important information through the real-time dashboard, see trends and drive benefits more quickly.

Demand for BI in Healthcare

The prevalence of partnerships between technology providers and Healthcare organisations to improve the efficiency of operations, services and stakeholders is one of the latest areas to receive the “Tech” treatment – the “HealthTech” revolution is full swing.

As with the rise of FinTech and EdTech solutions, HealthTech’s accent is also fueled by the increasing levels of regulation, greater focus on data and reporting, plus the challenge of ever tightening budget belts.

Due to the sensitivity of data being handled in these sectors, security is also important.

More and more software companies in the public sector are realising the value of integrating affordable, secure and easy to use Business intelligence software like Panintelligence.

Jayex Self-Service Patient Care Boosted

The Panintelligence reporting dashboard is very easy to use and will therefore seamlessly fit in with Jayex’s self-service healthcare solutions.

The integration will result in a significant impact on performance and most importantly the quality of patient care in its network of surgeries, clinics and hospitals, using over 6,500 live systems across the UK. 

Jayex is committed to provide the best service to its customers and is continuously looking at innovations and new ways they can assist their Healthcare customers to provide better care for patients and drive efficiencies.

Embedding self-service dashboards into their solution is key part of fulfilling that commitment and we’re thrilled to be supporting them.