Panintelligence Launches V9 with Dynamic Functionality

Panintelligence has launched a ground-breaking new version of its flexible business intelligence dashboard, which includes advanced dynamic functionality that enables organisations to make more informed decisions. The latest version of the application offers a number of advanced features, including dynamic drilling which transforms how users explore their data, from a linear process to one that follows a decision tree, based on a set of rules.

This advanced approach to exploring data allows users to drill from one chart to another chart based on the outcome, mirroring the decision making process within the organisation.

Version 9 in action at Communisis

In the current economic climate all businesses are looking for ways to optimise performance, reduce costs and improve customer service levels. Communisis, a marketing services agency, is using the Panintelligence dashboard to provide their customers with insight into how they are performing against SLAs.

Each year they distribute millions of printed items on behalf of their customers, and Communisis require detailed reports about items which cannot be processed. Tim Mason, Head of Management information, at Communisis said: “The introduction of Panintelligence dashboard has had a significant positive effect on our business and our relationships with customers.

All of our contracts operate with SLAs and because the volumes are so huge, there is an enormous daily reporting exercise. Previously the client services team spent the majority of their time filling in hundreds of reports, whereas now they can spend the time analysing the data, which is infinitely more valuable to us and the customer.

Version 9 introduces even greater flexibility and functionality, which will allow us to provide highly dynamic and intuitive portals for internal and external stakeholders.”

Mike Cripps, from Panintelligence, said: “We are very excited to be bringing the latest version of the dashboard to market. The new dynamic drilling function makes it even easier for organisations to analyse and monitor growing volumes of data. In today’s challenging economy, businesses have to deliver the best possible service to their customers, and go the extra mile to remain competitive.

To help them make better informed decisions, businesses not only need access to the most up to date information, they also need intuitive methods for navigating their data. Dynamic drilling delivers on both of these requirements.”

Fraud Analytics at ReD

Phil Stothard, Director of Business Intelligence and Data, at ReD said “There are lots of great features in V9 which have allowed us to deliver a stunning product in our global ReDi portal. There are too many list and it is hard to describe the opportunities that it has given us. These features have all made a massive difference to the user experience and performance we can deliver, even from a database which is now approaching 850 million data rows.”

Dynamic New Features

The new chart scheduling function allows mobile workers and other stakeholders to receive information on a regular basis. The business intelligence dashboard can distribute charts via email on a schedule ensuring users always have access to the latest data.

Organisations with a mobile workforce, or staff that regularly use tablets and mobile devices, can access relevant information on a daily basis without being in the office. Another new dashboard feature is the ability to create chart links, which allows users to connect several related charts and quickly navigate between them.

With the new chart link function users can flip the active chart cell to a different chart, without having to drag and drop it out of the chart library. With one mouse click users can quickly move between charts with related information, making it easier to monitor performance.

Written by Charlotte

Charlotte is the Operations Director at Panintelligence. She works on planning and executing our software projects, helping us improve efficiencies and reach new heights.