Linetime adopts the BI to enhance software

Linetime provide software solutions to the legal profession, government departments, and to volume Debt Recovery teams. They are the latest in a list of software developers to recognise the benefits of adopting the Panintelligence dashboard, and in Linetime’s case it was in preference to the challenges of further developing their own. With many years experience in software development they understood the issues involved in creating cutting edge technology. From their first viewing of our business intelligence dashboard, they decided it was the most cost effective way to move forward and from that point onwards there has been no looking back.

Phil Snee, Linetime’s Development Director said “We were very impressed with what we saw and heard when we first visited Panintelligence and it quickly became apparent that adopting the dashboard toolset was the way to go. Their dashboard did exactly what we wanted and most importantly it allows us to drill down from the dashboard charts into our own application in order to open and work individual cases. We have found the people at Panintelligence to be very responsive and supportive and we are looking forward to what should be a long and fruitful partnership.”

Mike Cripps, Managing Director of Panintelligence said:

“We are delighted to have signed up with Linetime, who have excellent software applications that are well regarded in the legal market. I am confident that when they have fully configured the dashboard against their applications they will find that it gives them an additional competitive advantage over other suppliers in that marketplace.”