Marketing Intern on her Experience at Panintelligence

Afshan Zahoor, an English Language undergraduate from the University of Leeds, recently completed her internship at Panintelligence. She feels her experience has been valuable and will prove helpful in her career development. Jade Turley, Account Manager at Panintelligence, said “Afshan was our first marketing intern at Panintelligence, and it was my first opportunity to manage someone. I think both Afshan and myself have learned a huge amount in this process, and I am looking forward to working with Leeds University again in the future to find another intern.”             Afshan says “Everything that I have achieved from this internship, including having the opportunity to work on different projects, getting on with my team members and adopting the Panintelligence culture, has made this a thoroughly exciting experience. It’s so difficult to adapt to the world of work and most importantly, break into the graduate market, but I think working here has been a stepping stone for me.

Our Values

“Panintelligence have 3 core values: supportive, open and innovative and they believe in giving others opportunities. I’m incredibly grateful I was given this opportunity.” After spending two months at Panintelligence as a marketing intern, Afshan will be returning to the student life for an intense final year. She hopes this opportunity will boost her career prospects and looks forward to discussing her experience with other students and encouraging them to take part in the Internship Programme via the University of Leeds.