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Melrose Textiles opts for Panintelligence over Tableau

We’re delighted to announce that we have joined forces with Melrose Textiles to provide them with business intelligence and analytics software, for their reporting requirements.

To kick off our partnership, we talked to Operations Director, Helen, to learn more about the company’s reporting difficulties, and how Panintelligence could provide the ideal solution.

Who are Melrose Textiles?

As Helen explains,

The company sell to some of the UK’s household-name companies, including Argos and Homebase, while they also have relationships with online retailers like Very and JD Williams.

But it’s not just the big customers they cater to, with their smaller customers even going as far as market-stall holders. Collectively, they have a wide variety of clients.

Previous reporting challenges

The types of reports that the business produces are trading reports, which are typically compiled on a Monday.

Historically, Melrose Textiles always used Excel for reporting, much like many other businesses. The first hurdle they faced was exporting data from the Melts database, which was very difficult to do, so it could then be worked on in Excel.

Another key challenge the business faced was getting the Melts database to talk to Sage, which they couldn’t accomplish.

Once they did get the data into Excel, some reports could be automated, but they still required maintenance over time, by adding new Vlookups for example.

Between the staff, compiling reports took an entire day, and the data was already out of date by the time they had been completed.

The Panintelligence solution

Melrose Textiles had been evaluating Tableau’s software for six months, before they came across Panintelligence. We gave Helen and her team a demonstration of the Pi Dashboard, which received a very positive response all round.

Although we and Tableau made similar offers to Melrose Textiles in terms of setting up the dashboard and providing initial consultancy, Helen considered our solution to be more self-service, which was a real benefit for staff.

Looking to the future

Due to the problems faced with the Melts database, Melrose Textiles are planning to move to a new warehouse management system.

The Pi Dashboard is scalable alongside this new software, which means they’ve not only solved their business intelligence software problem, they’ve future-proofed it too.

What it's like to partner with Panintelligence