Mike celebrates his birthday with Ant and Dec

Today we had a rather special double celebration in the office. It was Mike’s 60th birthday and a new pair of fish joined our tropical tank called Ant and Dec! To celebrate Mike’s landmark birthday we had another food fuddle in the office with some delicious home-made specials, including Zandra’s vegetarian moussaka and Steve Mayren’s beef and chorizo lasagne. We were slightly healthier than last time we had a fuddle, as several people brought in fruit and there was only a small mountain of chocolate and muffins, in addition to Ken’s holiday fudge from Cornwall. We also supplemented the feast with cucumbers and tomatoes, freshly picked from the office greenhouse. There’s also enough food leftover to keep us going for a few days so nothing will go to waste.

Tropical Fish

The fish tank is close to capacity now so we had to be careful with the addition of any new fish to the community. After some extensive searches to find a good fit we selected a pair of red striped killifish who we’ve affectionately named Ant and Dec. The killifish come as a breeding pair, so we’ve not had the heart to tell Dec that she is named after a boy. Ant is colourful and flamboyant while Dec is a lot plainer by comparison. The rest of the community in the tank are getting along very well and the two baby platies have grown in size significantly making them bold enough to swim around without fear of persecution.

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