Monday Food Fuddle

Today we're helping one of our team celebrate the end of Ramadan with an office food fuddle! After a month of fasting we're all ready to help Lucky expand his newly trim waistline with a feast. To show their support during Ramadan, two other members of the team also fasted for three days each. Both Ken and Mike said they found the experience challenging and interesting. The most difficult part was not being able to drink anything during daylight hours. Everyone in the office brought in some of their favourites or some home-made treats. The food includes a home-cooked corned beef pie with beans, date and walnut cake, vegetarian lasagne, fresh strawberries from Steve Mayren's garden, a Portuguese fish dish cooked by Tiago, as well as a mountain of chocolate and savoury nibbles. We've also supplemented the feast with some fresh produce from the office greenhouse including herbs and some cucumbers to go with the cheese and crackers. To finish us all off Nadine made a fantastically tasty chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries, which was delicious, despite being very gooey! The food fuddle was a big success and now we're all contemplating making it a regular thing, but not too often as we're all very full.