Panintelligence appoints PayPal Europe Founding Member as Chair

Since securing a £4.5 million Series A investment last month, we have gone on to appoint Howard Bell as Chair, to help us with our growth plans.

We’re confident that Howard is absolutely the right person to help us take a big leap forward in 2020, as a seasoned growth specialist who was a founding member of PayPal Europe and, while at the helm, scaled the business to £200m revenues.

He has since enabled the UK cybersecurity venture, Content Technologies, to achieve a £650m exit, and was part of the leadership team which achieved a £100m exit at JustGiving.

howard bell paypal

Why Howard chose to come aboard

“I rarely see an early-stage tech business with such a relevant, unique and targeted technology solution as Panintelligence, and the opportunity to help the founders in the next stage of growth was compelling,” said Bell.

“I am driven by helping great growth ventures maximise their potential, and from a really impressive platform of triple-digit growth in just a few years, we have a very ambitious plan for expansion in global markets, particularly the US.”

Why Panintelligence chose Howard

“Howard is a hugely talented and experienced addition to our board, and we’re excited to have a chair who has a proven record of leading digital businesses through rapid growth,” said our CEO, Zandra.

“His background mirrors our journey from FinTech start up to maturing specialist data analytics partner, and he really ‘gets’ what we want to achieve.

“I am confident Howard will help us make that happen in international and UK markets over the coming five years.”