Panintelligence awarded new security certificate by ECSC
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Panintelligence awarded new security certificate by ECSC

Panintelligence has been assessed by renowned cyber security experts, ECSC, against their Cyber Essentials Scheme Test Specification, and we’re very proud to say we passed!

We were last assessed by ECSC back in 2017, where we also passed with flying colours, but it’s critical to us that we comply with the very latest security standards, as we forever aim to take all possible measures to protect ours and our customers’ data.

Security of our dashboard

Security is often one of the features of our dashboard that our partners are wowed by. We pride ourselves on the ability to connect directly to a data source rather than move data into the cloud or into a data warehouse.
With the data staying at source, we don’t risk its security by moving it around.

We also offer role-based access to the dashboard, which allows us and our partners to control exactly who can access what data.

For example, a Finance Team will only be able to interact with data relating to them, with other areas of the dashboard being unavailable, even though the business as a whole all access one central dashboard which is connected to multiple data sources.

Testing our dashboard

In line with the high security standards we set ourselves, we have a Test Team who are responsible for thoroughly testing our product before we issue a new release.

They test everything from features and functionality, to compatibility, using various test types including functional testing, regression testing, security testing, as well as regular penetration testing.

Security-focused development

Within our Development Team, we encourage our developers to have a specialist area of expertise – a skill they can bring to the table that will take our product in a new, exciting direction.

For us, our security-driven developer is Neil, who consistently ensures that our product and our company as a whole adhere to the latest security standards, especially in the wake of GDPR.

If you’re interested in partnering with ECSC, who we would recommend as a cyber security partner, you can get in touch or attend one of their events here.

Written by Neil

Neil is our security-focused developer at Panintelligence, who constantly strives to improve our product in his specialist area. Neil has around 10 years’ experience in the software industry and likes to fix PCs and phones in his spare time.

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