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Panintelligence boosts support capabilities

To continuously improve how Panintelligence responds to customers, we’ve improved our tracking and analysis of support requests to understand how we can improve our support service and added a new member of staff to the Support Team.

Aqueel – our new Support Consultant – will support Ben, our existing Second Line Support Consultant, in answering queries and providing advice to our growing partner community.

New self-service customer support portal

We have also recently launched a new customer feedback initiative to gain a greater understanding of how our Support Team serves our partners’ requirements.

This portal allows users to log in and see the status of any open support tickets and view any closed tickets from issues they may have logged with us in the past.

There are also video tutorials, guides, and documentation relating to the product, to aid customers in diagnosing and solving issues themselves.

To gain access to our Self-service Support Portal, click here, go to ‘Forgot my password’ and follow the steps to receive your login information though to your email account.

If, for example, you’d like one member of your staff to be a representative for all the support tickets submitted by your company as a whole, you can ask us to change their account privileges, so they can monitor all tickets relating to your company.

Current support performance

Every time we solve one of our partners’ issues, this triggers an email to be sent to the user requesting them to fill out a feedback form, so we can monitor our performance against industry standards.

We’re proud to say that we currently have a 100% customer satisfaction rating! In the last 30 days alone, we’ve solved 70 of our customers’ issues, while we’re hard at work solving another 72 open tickets.

“I’m satisfied with the support. Ben has been very helpful and has answered all our queries spot on.”

Sapphire Accounting Systems Limited

Additionally, we can say we’re hot off the mark in answering support queries, with 67% of issues are responded to inside an hour of them being registered with us.

Using our dashboards to monitor support performance

We initially set up a support ticketing service with Zendesk, to keep track of our open tickets and our partners’ satisfaction ratings.

However, we’ve now used our own Pi Dashboard to improve the visibility of our Support Team’s performance and generate insights we can use to continuously improve ourselves.

Panintelligence support details

As a reminder to our partners, the Panintelligence Support Team is available from 9:00am to 17:30pm on Mondays to Fridays. You can raise a ticket directly through the Support Portal, email, or call 0113 818 7045.