Panintelligence Director Leans In to Support Gender Diversity

A mere 17% of jobs in the UK technology industry are currently held by women and by 2017 there will be a requirement for 745,000 UK tech workers, rising to 1 million by 2020. This means that the inequality gaps is likely to become even more pronounced if women and companies as a whole don’t address the issue head on. Research shows that more gender diverse teams are more successful and productive than polarised teams across a wide range of industries including technology, which remains dominated by men.

“At Panintelligence we believe that diversity is key to building an innovative culture, one of our core values.” Zandra Moore, Sales Director at Panintelligence.

Last year women accounted for less than a fifth of the UK’s IT workforce and only 10% of coders. This is a rather gloomy statistic; if women don’t get more involved now in developing and owning the digital language of the future, they won’t be part of the conversation. However, gender disparity in the workplace isn’t unique to the technology industry, nor is it limited to the UK. The global gender gap across health, education, economic opportunity and politics has closed by only 4% in the past 10 years, suggesting it will take another 118 years to close this gap completely.  

Ladies in Leeds Lean In

March Lean In Leeds Ladies Event at Epiphany. The Lean In Leeds Ladies Circle, which is going from strength to strength had its first meeting in February this year. Growing rapidly with over 55 members, Circle Founder, Zandra Moore, Sales Director at Panintelligence said “The group is for women looking to network with like-minded professionals. It is purposefully organic and is a space where anyone can bring new ideas and shape how we evolve a supportive network. I’m really glad to be a part of this programme. There is loads of support and enthusiasm from the members to build something special together.” Earlier this month, the first networking evening was hosted at the offices of Epiphany, a marketing agency with several members in the Circle. During the evening, themes and formats for the coming events were voted on by the 30 Circle members in attendance. The next meeting on 4th of May will cover “Managing your Inner Critic” a subject top of the list for over 80% of the members. The event will be held at the Panintelligence Leeds office.  

What are Lean In Circles?

Lean In Circles are small groups who meet regularly to learn and grow together. Each Circle has its own unique personality created by the individuals who start and keep them going. However all share the same belief that “Together we are Better”. Gender issue are being more widely and openly discussed by both men and women for the first time and women are using groups such as the Lean In Circle for all important peer support which can be a springboard to major changes in their careers and lives - no-one accomplishes anything alone. The stage is set for May's Lean In Leeds Ladies Event at Panintelligence.

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