Panintelligence help GNS to navigate their data

Global Navigation Solutions (GNS) is the leading distributor of charts, publications and digital products providing a worldwide Shipping navigation solution to many of the world’s largest fleets, including same day delivery of physical items to 60 major ports in 25 countries. GNS is leading the way in the transition of the industry from paper charts and publications to the digital navigation world. Phil Stothard joined GNS as Chief Information Officer in March 2015. Prior to joining GNS Phil was Director of Business Intelligence at ReD, the leading on-line card fraud and payment solutions provider who were acquired by ACI in late 2014. Whilst at ReD Phil was responsible for bringing to market their ReDi product, of which the Panintelligence dashboard was an integral part. This gave him an intimate working knowledge of the product and a long standing relationship with the Panintelligence team. Whereas ReD’s contractual relationship with Panintelligence was an OEM Partnership, Phil’s initial focus at GNS has been on internal use of the dashboard as a means of visualising the information in their new central data warehouse for use in their finance, sales, operations and customer services functions around the world.

Currently GNS have 4 regions with 4 relatively independent management systems, ERP systems, sales and customer management systems. Until now they have been largely reliant on Cognos TM1, Crystal Reports, other local reporting solutions and spreadsheets with very limited audiences and accessibility. These reporting tools have proven more costly and not as easy to use or implement as the Panintelligence BI dashboard. GNS also plans to extend their new BI Portal – Voyager InSight – to customers and other external third parties in due course. Mike Cripps, Managing Director of Panintelligence said “When Phil was with ReD we developed a great working relationship and his extensive BI knowledge provided excellent input to our product road map from which the product benefited considerably. One of our key guiding principles in the business is that Relationships Come First. Therefore we were delighted that having moved to GNS Phil was quickly back in touch and we look forward to maintaining the great personal relationship as well as helping GNS to transform their internal reporting.”

Phil Stothard added “GNS was formed by the acquisition of six companies across the four main shipping centres of the world in the UK, Germany, Greece and Singapore, each with separate local customer management and ERP systems. An immediate challenge for me has been to establish a central Business Intelligence infrastructure around a single, fit for purpose Data Warehouse – and a key element of that is a self-service BI portal initially for internal use, but extending to external stakeholders in due course.  As in ReD, that portal needs to be tailored to many different user groups, with simple and intuitive navigation and drill through, very easy to access and deploy, but in a controlled and secure environment. “After the success of the last 3 years working with the Panintelligence product and team it was a natural and easy decision to reuse the same platform, albeit with a very different set of data and initial challenge. I am looking forward in particular to the forthcoming responsive dashboard product to meet the needs of increasingly mobile connected workforces.”