Panintelligence launches BI dashboard V6

Panintelligence is delighted to announce the launch of its business intelligence dashboard. All new features of the dashboard V6 have been developed through consultation with our customers and as part of an ongoing programme of enhancements. New feature highlights include:-

Web Hooks

The capability to listen to and call out to other web applications from the dashboard, drill through charts and tables to underlying detail then jump into an external application.

Desktop Application

The ability to run the dashboard on your desktop using an Adobe AIR application which provides increased interactivity, ability to drag out to MS Office and place widgets directly on your desktop.

iPhone Application

View the dashboard on the move via your iPhone, it also supports other smartphones e.g. the Blackberry.

Yahoo Maps

Plot data onto a Yahoo Map. Data can be plotted anywhere on the globe, using Postcodes, Zip codes, Cities, Towns or street information. The maps drill like any other dashboard component.