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Panintelligence ♥ Open Source!

As developers we use tons of open source software and I personally believe that we, as a business, need to contribute back to the community by open sourcing some of our projects.

I tend to have many pet projects (as you probably do) and often they tend to come from pain points I feel while working. If they’re useful to us, they could be useful for someone else… right?

With that in mind, I’m proud to introduce our open source portal:

For now we’ve open sourced three projects.


We use Discord as our internal communication tool and our Testers kept asking for or waiting until we made new builds:


Our Jenkins creates new builds on every commit but sometimes you want some specific branch, or you don’t want to wait until it realises a new commit has been made.

Enter our (arguably) wonderful Henchman:

Naturally, this has evolved a bit to include other functionality:

You can find more information and instruction on configuration on Henchman’s github.


This is a simple script that synchronises organisations from Zendesk to a custom field on Jira.

We found that the integration is missing some things, so this can make them a bit more in sync.

The intent is to expand as we find more items we need to synchronise.


We’re expanding our chart library and we felt restricted by the current icon set we were using, so I’ve created a few icons for our charts.

You can see them all here.

The future

We have plans to open source more of our internal projects, such as our testing framework and our release notes aggregator!

Let us know if you find these useful for you.

Please let us know if you find these useful by emailing the Dev Team at

Written by Tiago

Tiago is one of the core members of our Development Team, having been with the business since 2015. He specialises in user experience design and enjoys contributing to all our products – particularly our predictive analytics module.

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