Panintelligence Partners with Progress to Develop Salesforce API Connector

A company’s ability to easily access information, make sense of the data, and then quickly take action is imperative to its success. So it comes as no surprise that business intelligence analytics have consistently ranked highly in polls of CIO priorities. Panintelligence has built its business around the reality that knowledge is power. We provide highly intuitive business intelligence solutions to customers across a range of industries, including business solutions, education, fraud prevention and payments, IT and marketing. The Panintelligence dashboard is a business intelligence application that can span multiple databases, allowing users to access their data in real-time and help them to make better-informed decisions.

Salesforce data reporting

A large educational software provider and OEM partner has embedded the dashboard within its student information management system and its learning management information system. The education provider uses Salesforce’s CRM system to manage activity for its 300 sales professionals, including history, leads and pipeline development. To gain critical information and insight into its sales channel, the provider has historically relied on the reports included within Salesforce. While the reports proved valuable at providing big-picture analysis, the data was limited. They wanted the ability to dig deeper and access more detailed information. We recommended that they connect our BI software to Salesforce. This would give them more flexibility when it came to analysing and reporting on its Salesforce data.

Evaluating third party vendors

The product development team at Panintelligence considered a number of options. “We estimated it would take us at least six months to build a Salesforce API connector. We concluded that our time and resources were far better spent developing differentiating features for our own applications,” explains Ken Miller, Product Director. “We evaluated a number of third-party vendors, including Simba, RSS Bus and Progress DataDirect. “It was clear from our evaluation that the Progress DataDirect Connect JDBC for Salesforce driver was head and shoulders above the other drivers. There were so many things we just couldn’t do with the other solutions; they proved to be quite limited. Whereas, everything we tried with Progress DataDirect delighted us.” Within just hours of demonstrating the driver for Salesforce to our education partner, we were able to produce some significant data that was not available through the Salesforce interface. “We were finding things in their Salesforce data that they didn’t know existed, for example, a number of opportunities were listed incorrectly. Using the Progress DataDirect connector, it took us just 20 minutes to combine the data back together in Salesforce and suddenly the customer had visibility of 25% more opportunities. Within hours we were able to demonstrate the value of the Salesforce API connector to our customers.”