Panintelligence Product Forum proves a big hit

We recently held the annual Product Forum at our offices in Leeds with partners and customers attending from across the UK. Ken Miller, Product Director, at Panintelligence kicked off the event with details about our plans for the new responsive (HTML5) application. The new responsive version of the dashboard will work in parallel with the existing software, but it is designed to be used as easily on a smartphone or tablet device as a PC. We are always keen to receive feedback from customers about the dashboard and wanted the day to be a very interactive experience for all who attended, which would in turn give us the opportunity to gather as much input as possible on the next big stage of development – creating and editing data visualisations. During the morning we asked attendees to sketch the user interfaces which they would like to use in order to create and edit data visualisations.  This was an open exercise to get fresh ideas and drive out features and behaviours. Everyone really got involved with the session, coming up with some great ideas and priorities for the new user interface.

"The day was a great success and provided the opportunity to improve even further in future events. To get our partners’ input so early into the process of delivering such a critical function is invaluable and helps ensure that we can aim to surpass expectation.  We really value the relationships we have with our partners so thank you very much to everyone who attended and put so much effort into our first Product Forum." Steven Mayren, Software Development Manager at Panintelligence

In the afternoon, after a well deserved buffet lunch, we also spoke about prioritising features which were captured in the morning using the MoSCoW technique - Must have, Should have, Could have, and Won't have. Later in the day attendees and Panintelligence staff explored different ideas around data visualisation which led to an interesting discussion, providing much food for thought. Overall the event was an enormous success, as we gained invaluable insight into what our customers want at an ideal time for us to implement it.  Several attendees commented about how much they had enjoyed the day and they were also very pleased at being included in the development of the new responsive dashboard, helping to shape the product roadmap.